SolarElf Product Sheets

ELF Overview FlyerELF Overview Flyer

  • The ELF is a solar-electric and pedal hybrid vehicle powered by you and the sun. “The most efficient vehicle on the planet”, it is a revolution in transportationand gets the equivalent of 1800 MPG.
  • Hand built in the USA, the ELF is legally a bicycle, so it can travel on bike paths, park on sidewalks and requires no gas, license, registration, or insurance.
  • It can hold more than a dozen bags of groceries and can handle an amazing 350 lb. payload.



ELF Resort-Community FlyerELF Resort-Community Flyer

  • Ideal option for traversing resorts and communities
  • Very low operation and maintenance costs
  • Easy operation ideal for rental units
  • Classified as a bicycle so no driver license required
  • Quiet and carries a 350lb payload for maintenance crews



ELF Campus FlyerELF Campus Flyer

  • Incredibly efficient transportation for personnel
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • May qualify forgovernment tax redits
  • A healthy GREEN transportation solution
  • Room for two people plus storage for gear



ELF Commuter FlyerELF Commuter Flyer

  • Avoid traffic congestion and ride in bike lanes
  • Legal to park on sidewalks
  • Equivalent of 1800mpg (charging from outlets)
  • Range of up-to 90miles between charging
  • Covered storage for gear or 12 bags of groceries



ELF Municipality FlyerELF Municipality Flyer

  • Maintenance, Urban Patrols and Parking Enforcement
    More than 10 cubic feet of securable storage
    Incredibly efficient and easy to maintain
    Very low cost of operation
    Up-to 90 miles of range on a single charge