Naked Elf

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  • ELF-White



    Get ready for healthy, top-down fun and utility with the Naked ELF. Light, fast and rugged, the Naked ELF is designed for use in any terrain. 110 pound weight and a 600 W electric motor gives you plenty of torque and hill climbing capability. A wide choice of gearing for both the motor and human side makes the Naked ELF really versatile. At home on the farm, beach or city. The Naked ELF comes stock with 24” x 3.0” fat tires upfront and 26 x 3.0” tires on the rear to smooth out those potholes and dirt roads. Massive 200 mm rear disc brakes and twin 180 mm front disc brakes will give you braking power for big loads and steep hills. The 6061 T6 aluminum frame is welded in North Carolina, along with most of the chassis parts. There is no solar option currently for the Naked ELF, however with an auxiliary stationary 100 Watt charging panel you can recharge your Naked ELF using the power of the sun. The standard 11 amp hour 48 V battery comes with a 110 V plug-in charger that will recharge completely in four hours. Top speed of the Naked ELF is 20 mph. There are numerous options to come. Check out the Touring Package, Bump Seat, Lighting Package and the Super FAT. (*** Naked ELFs shown are prototypes and may be equipped differently than production units.) Options on the Naked ELF are coming soon.  Please call us at 919-908-1599 for details.

  • Internal-Hub-NuVinci



    The ELF comes standard with a 3-speed internal hub. This optional Fallbrook NuVinci N360 hub extends your range and helps you find your sweet spot. This continuously variable transmission offers a 360 degree gear range for easier hill climbing and higher top speeds on those longer commutes.

  • SRAM-8-Speed-HubSRAM 8 SPEED HUB


    The SRAM 8 speed hub give you 8 evenly spaced gears, controlled with a handy 8 speed rotary twist grip shifter. Durable proven planetary design. 2088 grams, and 260% gear range compared to the stock 168% 3 speed gear range. This option uses the Sun MTX rim with no braking surface, so the 8 speed option can ONLY be used in conjunction with the rear disc brake option.

  • aluminum-side-trays



    Two Aluminum side trays that are structurally supported. Comes in very handy for cargo carrying. Safe to step on.

  • Cycle-Analyst



    The Cycle Analyst is a computer that monitors electrical power usage. It can be used to monitor battery “fuel level” and also shows energy absorbed by the solar panel. This allows for optimal placement of the ELF in sunlight. The Cycle Analyst also displays vehicle speed and features a trip computer.

  • Bluetooth-Speaker



    These JBL wireless Bluetooth speakers link to your I phone, so you can listen to your favorite music while riding your ELF. The JBL Micro Wireless is the first ultra-portable speaker featuring a Li-ion (lithium ion) rechargeable battery, a built-in bass port and a wireless Bluetooth connection. With a 1-5/8-inch (40mm) driver and an acoustic volume of 100cc, it delivers legendary JBL sound with exceptional bass -all in a speaker that fits easily in backpacks or clips onto clothing. You can wirelessly stream audio to the speaker from any Bluetooth-equipped device, or use the included audio cable to connect it to any mobile device or MP3 player. You can even daisy-chain it with other JBL Micro Wireless speakers for a powerful sonic experience . Sold individually.

  • LED-Side-Mirrors



    These are the coolest mirrors out there. They have a orange LED turn indicators visible from the front and sides of the ELF. But wait….that’s not all!  There are also three blue LED indicator lights  inset into the mirror, visible by the driver, so you will know when your blinker is still on. These are sold in pairs, and include mounting hardware and wiring.

  • battery-11h-10272014



    Extend your range with a second battery. The ELF is built to accommodate two, so go for it! We offer an 11 Ah 48 volt Lithium  battery as the standard battery.These are German batteries with integrated Battery Management Systems (BMS). They also feature a rugged  molded case with a convenient carrying handle.

  •  Naked ELF



    These Power Grip Pedals are really unique. Rather than a conventional strap and clip, you simply slip your foot in at an angle, then straighten your foot to keep your foot securely on the pedal. Easy to use, and can be used with conventional footwear.

  • 15ahBattery15AH BATTERY


    This German 15.1 Ah 48 volt battery provides you 50% higher range than the standard 11Ah battery.  The ELF is built to accommodate two, so go for it! Rugged molded case and a convenient carrying handle, too.

  • Wellgo-double-sided-clipless



    Clipless pedals are great. They are much more efficient, and allow you to spin at a higher rpm. The most important thing is safety, though! They keep your feet where they belong…on the pedals. Just push forward to click in, then twist sideways to disengage. Most good bicycle shops would be happy to set you up with some comfortable shoes that accept the cleats (included).

  • Phone-Holder



    This handy little iphone holder will also work with other phones. Easy to install.  Great for navigation, music and communication, especially with BlueTooth speakers.

Shipping is NOT included on this item and will be calculated after the order is placed. You will be contacted for further details. A $100 OT Handling Fee is applied to every vehicle purchase. The Organic Transit $100.00 handling fee is for preparing the ELF for transport, either via our shipper or to be picked up at our facility in Durham, NC. The ELF is test ridden, cleaned, wrapped for protection, batteries charged and tested, loaded and secured.