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Announcing ELF 1.5 now standard with dynamic dampening suspension and EZ Ergonomic Sliding Seat (Sturdy Trylon™ Shell)

The distinctive shape of the ELF is wrapped in Trylon, a composite material refined and proven in the kayak industry. Both recycled and recyclable, it affords remarkable light weight and safety. The other skin of the composite is Solarkote, a resilient UV-resistant clear coat that preserves the amazing shine and is very easy to clean. Rugged, lightweight, and distinctive, the ELF body is designed and tested to ensure durability, ease of repair, and light weight.The ELF comes standard in classic Arctic White, with Wasabi and Mango upgrades available.DuoTone – a two done paint scheme works with the distinctive style of the ELF. Reminiscent of a 1950s micro-car, the DuoTone is both retro and modern. Available in Atlantic Blue, Corona Yellow, and Pacific Green on an Arctic White base.


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Carbon fiber panels

Advanced carbon-fiber construction helps the ELF lead the way in 21 st-century transportation. The weight savings of carbon fiber panels increase the ELFs range while offering stability improvements: carbon fiber is 10 times stronger than steel. It is preferred in aviation and aerospace for the same reasons we use it: ultra-light weight, rigidity, and durability. Our carbon-fiber panels are vacuum infused with polyester resin for UV-protection and weather-resistance. A special blend of aluminum-coated fibers and carbon-fibers allows us to offer carbon-fiber panels in a variety of colors.

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Generous Rear Storage Compartment

The trunk offers more than 87 liters of space to keep your stuff and a locking lid to keep your stuff secure. That’s enough room for 6 full bags of groceries. The center locking console can hold smaller items safely.

 Features and options Features and options

A reinforced trunk lidThe standard trunk lid and all ELF interior panels are made of high-strength, low-weight CON-Pearl®, a 100% recyclable product designed in Germany and made in South Carolina. A corrugated composite, its bubble texture lends strength and beauty to this standard feature. Features and options
 Features and options
Bamboo Cargo ShelvesLight and renewable, this versatile storage area takes the functionality of your ELF to the next level. Sustainable and stylish bamboo provides storage space within the unique structural design of the ELF and put it in a convenient place – on either side of the seat. Features and options
Front Cargo TrayCargo space in front is provided by CON-Pearl®, a 100% recyclable product designed in Germany and made in South Carolina. It combines increased rigidity and decreased road-noise with extremely low weight. This convenient space provides over 650 square inches of storage. Features and options


Rugged Continental Town & Country tires in the front offer extremely high-mileage, superb puncture-resistance, stability, traction, and safety. These all-weather tires help you maneuver the daily route to the grocery store while sticking to the road in inclement weather. The rims are made in the USA.

26×1.9” front tires Features and optionsThe ELF comes standard with a 2.3-inch wide rear tire and provides minimum rolling resistance for efficiency. Diamond-patterned tread provides consistent traction across the width of the tire on a variety of hard surfaces. Recommended for use on virtually every surface you and your ELF might face.

26×2.3” urban rear tire; 840 grams

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Maxxis Hookworm high volume

Made of a high-performing, exceptionally durable compound called 70a, the Maxxis Hookworm has increased flat-resistance and low rolling resistance. The unique tread pattern is ideal for shedding water and the large volume increases ride comfort. A proven tire in solar and mini-electric car racing.

26×2.5” rear tire

 Features and options

Cush Package

Adding three-inch wide front and rear tires helps to smooth out your ride on especially bumpy roads. SRC rubber provides durability and comfort.

26×3” rear tire

24×3” front tires


The ELF suspension system complements the rigidity of the body and frame. Its unobtrusive design is both lightweight and stylish, combining an enjoyable driving experience with unique design. Feel connected to the road with this feature, offered standard on all ELFs

Internally geared hub


An internally geared, 3-speed hub enables the driver to adjust to the demands of the road with a flick of the wrist. Whether racing all out on the flats or hauling gear up a hill, the 3-speed SRAM gear hub is reliable and easy-to-use.

 Features and options

NuVinci© N360This gear-hub represents a tremendous leap forward in power-management and ease of use. The N360 uses a continuously variable planetary drivetrain, meaning that it does not have gears in the traditional sense. Instead, the N360 operates completely smoothly without the jerking associated with outdated drivetrains. While taking advantage of recent improvements in manufacturing, the NuVinci© concept is based on concepts developed by Leonardo DaVinci, grandfather of design. It couldn’t be simpler to operate; just twist the low-resistance shifter. Like our other gear-hubs, the N360 is completely self-contained and maintenance free. Features and options Features and options

100-Watt Solar Panel

The ELF comes standard with everything you need to recharge the battery with a wall outlet. A completely integrated battery management system and 100 watt solar panel allows your ELF to charge in sunlight.

Removable Battery

The ELF is powered by a 11.25 Ah 48V Li  NMC German battery using Samsung cells, that can be charged in the vehicle using the rooftop solar panel or can be easily removed and plugged into a wall charger (included). Each battery can be recharged up to 2000 times.

Ultra-long Range Battery

For ELF drivers with a particularly long commute, a 15-Ah battery is available.

Trusted components

The gold standard for mechanical disc brakes is the Avid BB7. We offer it standard on every ELF. A forged aluminum crankshaft from RaceFace, the name in high-quality cranks, allows efficient transmission of pedaling power to the tires. Engineered in North Carolina, Cane Creek have innovated their way to the top of the game in precision bicycle headsets. Our shared commitment to innovation and quality is why we use Cane Creek in all our ELFs.

Safety and Visibility

LED headlights, tail lights, and turn signals increase your visibility on the road and signal your intent to other vehicles. Adjustable side and rearview mirrors allow you to keep your eye on surrounding traffic.

Comfortable seat

The lightweight, high back seat with lumbar support slides forwards and backwards on the rails to comfortably accommodate riders between 5’ and 6’9”.

 Features and options

Dual Disc Brakes

AVID disc brakes on the front tires and a caliper brake on the rear give the ELF reliable stopping power. Activating the disc brakes also illuminates LED brake lights on the rear to improve communication with other drivers on the road.

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